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Safeguard against Theft from/of Vehicle

The old adage “Prevention is better than cure” prevails. To ensure that you enjoy your car rental period with your rented car, you should take some precautions to safeguard against any lost of items or, in the worst case scenario, lost of your car. Below are some recommendations of what you could do to safeguard against theft from/of vehicle.

Preventing theft from Car

a. Activate anti-theft car alarm if car has it;
b. Do not leave valuables inside the car. If need be, it should be kept out of sight or be locked in the car boot;
c. Remove the cash card from the IU when you leave your vehicle;
d. Park your vehicle in well-lit areas;
e. Ensure your vehicle is locked when it is left unattended, even if it is for a short time.

Prevention of Theft of Vehicle

Some of the common modes of operation used by criminals are:
· Using duplicate/other types of keys and other small items to start the engine
· Using tools to force open the car door and then start the engine by ‘hot wiring’ the ignition
· Smashing the windscreen or window of vehicle

You can avoid being the next victim by doing the following:
· Do not leave valuables inside the vehicle. If need be, it should be kept out of sight or locked in the car boot.
· Park the vehicle in well-lit areas
· Remove the ignition key when the vehicle is left unattended even for a short while
· Use an additional lock such as steering wheel lock, clutch and brake lock, gear lock, etc.
· Secure windows and doors of vehicle at all times.

4 Should you be a victim of such crime, minimise contact with the affected vehicle so as not to tamper with the evidence, if any, and immediately call for the Police.

Enjoy a safe ride 🙂