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Choosing the type of Cars to Rent

After planning for your trip, it is also important to rent the right type of car.


MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle. Simply said, MPVs are 7-seater cars. They are useful if you foresee that you would need to transport many people with you. If not, you should avoid renting MPVs as they consume a higher level of petrol and usually command high rental fees (about $80/day and above).


SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. SUVs are bigger and more spacious than most other saloon cars. They tend to be much higher than saloon cars too. However, do avoid renting SUVs if you are renting a vehicle primarily just for transport purposes because SUVs consume a high level of petrol and also do command higher rental fees than saloon cars.

Choosing the type of vehicles would certainly ensure that your vacation would be well enjoyed. Consider the purpose of rental, whether you need to have a large boot space or are you going to drive a lot of people in the car.