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How to Save Petrol during Refuelling

Paying attention to little details can save you a lot of petrol in the long run. The routine act of refuelling your machine is one such avenue for you to save petrol.

  • Avoid refueling when your petrol level is lower than half-tank. This is because petrol vapour will escape more readily when the tank is low in fuel. The optimum to refuel is when the fuel reaches 3/4 mark.
  • Refuel during the night or when the temperature is low. When the weather is hot, petrol vapourises more readily to the environment.

  • Furthermore, petrol expands during higher temperature, so you are pumping more fuel but with lower volume when the weather cools down.

In some countries, some drivers actually jerk their vehicles when they refuel. The reason behind it is to fill the tank more fully. However critics had mentioned that cars are engineered in such a way to leave some space within the tank.