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Driving Techniques to help you save Petrol

Drive within Speed Limit

Your fuel mileage will decrease rapidly when you travel at speeds over 95 km/h.

20% more petrol is consumed when traveling at 110km/h than at 90 km/h.

Remind family members that drive to adhere to this. This will also prevent them from getting traffic summons.

Anticipate Driving Conditions

Use an alternative route if you know the traffic is heavy on a certain road.

This also applies to driving conditions that may cause you to tailgate or practise some other inefficient driving procedures.

The cleaner and smoother that your driving is the more petrol costs you will save. Plan your driving routes accordingly. You’ll save yourself frustration as well as money.

Avoid Peak Timings

In slow traffic, you’ll be wasting petrol and causing wear and tear on your car.

If you are heading home and know that the journey is going to be slow you may want to consider running some errands in the meantime.

Accelerate before going upslope

When approaching upslope, accelerate before you reach it. This will save fuel while you are climbing upslope.

Caution: Accelerate in a safe manner or you wont be able to save fuel ever again.

Employ higher gears

If you drive at fast speeds using the wrong and often lower gears, you will reduce your fuel economy by as much as 40 percent.

Keep foot off Brake when Driving

Try to avoid the habit of keeping your foot on the brake, even lightly, when you are driving. When you rest your foot on the brake you use more fuel than you would otherwise and you also will wear out your brakes much sooner. This brings back to the point that you should drive within the speed limit so as to reduce the frequency of braking.

Buy Environmental Friendly or Smart Cars

Buying a hybrid vehicle can save on the cost of fuel.

Travel Tips

When you are traveling with a carrier or a roof rack, you will be increasing your fuel cost by as much as 5 percent. Reduce the amount of aerodynamic drag and improve your fuel consumption by placing as much as you can in the trunk of your car.

When carrying heavy objects in the car, you reduce your fuel economy by as much as 1 to 2 percent.

It might be more beneficial to hire a truck or borrow one from a friend so that you can reduce the wear and tear on your car as well as keep down your fuel costs.

Tightening the Fuel Cap

It may seem like a small thing to do, but tightening the fuel cap on your car will prevent petrol from evaporating and escaping into the air.

Cruise Control

When you are driving on the highway you should be using cruise control whenever possible to maintain a steady pace.

This will help to increase your fuel consumption.

Many newer vehicles come with cruise control as a feature and not as a luxury choice for just this reason: to save on fuel costs.

How to Save Petrol during Refuelling

Paying attention to little details can save you a lot of petrol in the long run. The routine act of refuelling your machine is one such avenue for you to save petrol.

  • Avoid refueling when your petrol level is lower than half-tank. This is because petrol vapour will escape more readily when the tank is low in fuel. The optimum to refuel is when the fuel reaches 3/4 mark.
  • Refuel during the night or when the temperature is low. When the weather is hot, petrol vapourises more readily to the environment.

  • Furthermore, petrol expands during higher temperature, so you are pumping more fuel but with lower volume when the weather cools down.

In some countries, some drivers actually jerk their vehicles when they refuel. The reason behind it is to fill the tank more fully. However critics had mentioned that cars are engineered in such a way to leave some space within the tank.

Petrol and diesel down 10 cents

Channel NewsAsia

In the largest cut to date, pump prices of petrol and diesel have been adjusted down by 10 cents.

As of 10am Monday, stations run by SPC, Shell and Caltex had their pump prices down to S$2.110 for premium unleaded and S$2.036 and S$2.003 for 95 unleaded and 92 unleaded petrol respectively.

With on-site discounts, this brings the mid-range 95 unleaded petrol below the two dollar mark for the first time in months.

As for diesel, it is now priced at S$1.863 per litre.

Crude oil futures are holding steady and hovering at a seven-week low of about US$123 a barrel, despite talk over the weekend that the price of oil could drop to between US$70 and US$80 a barrel in global trade.

OPEC chief Chakib Khelil said on Saturday that the price of oil could drop if the dollar strengthens and concerns over Iran are reduced.

At Friday’s close of trade, oil was around US$125 a barrel in London and New York.

Analysts say oil prices are down as demand is sagging amid slowing economies and fresh signs of rising supply.

After spiralling up from the last weeks of June, crude oil prices have dropped by nearly US$25 on both sides of the Atlantic in less than two weeks.

– CNA/sf


Pump prices down 3 cents just days after a cut

Channel NewsAsia

After constant price hikes at fuel stations, motorists have cause to smile these days. Just days after adjusting their pump prices downwards, fuel stations are offering 3 cents a litre less for all grades of petrol as well as diesel.

SPC was the last to adjust its prices at noon on Thursday, a move it said was to reflect current conditions on world oil markets.

The 92-octane unleaded petrol now costs S$2.103 per litre, the 95-octane unleaded S$2.136 a litre and the 98-octane grade petrol is priced at S$2.21 a litre. The diesel price stands at S$1.963 per litre.

Since 2002, world oil prices have seen a sixfold rise, causing consumers to feel the pinch as fuel prices spiralled along with the cost of living.

Singapore’s consumer inflation in June was 7.5 percent higher compared with a year ago due mainly to higher costs in items like transport.

The rise reflects the precarious climb of oil prices over the past few months, with anticipated demand and speculators being blamed.

But just as concerns were being raised, oil prices began to reverse direction.

On Thursday, crude oil prices drifted down to US$124.28 a barrel – that’s more than US$22 below the all-time high hit just two weeks ago.

The lower prices came as a US government report showed a larger-than-expected increase in domestic US gasoline stocks.

Analysts also point to declining demand in the United States, the world’s biggest energy user.

Hurricane Dolly, which had caused oil prices to firm briefly early this week, also had little impact as it left in its wake only minor output cuts at some oil refineries and offshore oil and natural gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. – CNA/sf


Petrol Prices Drop 4 cents for third time in 2 weeks

Channel NewsAsia

Good news for motorists. Petrol prices have fallen for the third time in two weeks.

Shell cut 4 cents per litre off its main grade, 3 cents off V-Power and 2 cents off its diesel prices on Monday.

Two other companies Caltex and Esso/Mobil also lowered their prices shortly after. They lowered prices for their petrol by 4 cents on average, and 2 cents for diesel.

In a statement past midnight, Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) said it was also reducing its pump prices by 4 cents per litre for its three grades of petrol and 2 cents per litre for diesel.

Petrol pump prices have risen 13 times consecutively since July 2007, before falling on July 9 and again on July 17.

– CNA/ir