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How to Check the Condition of a Rental Car

Before you drive off the car, it’s important that you have driven off with a car with no damages or at least with damages that are already recorded by the Car Rental Staff. You wouldn’t want to end your holidays with a claim that you had damaged the car when you had not.

Before you check out the vehicle, it is a common practice that the service staff would do a check on the vehicle with you and record all scratches and damages of the car. Make sure that any scratches, however small, are recorded black and white.

1. Start with the Exterior

Begin your inspection of the vehicle by examining the exterior of the car. Check for the car paint, any rust damage, scratches or evidence of damage from an accident. Especially check on the car doors as frequent scratches occur at that spot.

Second, look at how the car balances. Does it sag to one side? This could mean spring, frame, axle or tire problems.

Finally, check the car’s peripheral components like the lights, windows, rims, mirrors and locks. Ensure they’re all there, functioning in good working order.

2. Next to the Interior

Check for odors, stains or burn marks. While you’re inside the car, also make sure the pedals are all in good order, the controls are all functioning and, yes, even that the radio works.

Remember to look in the trunk too. Inspect for rust, holes, water problems or any signs of disrepair.

3. Take it for a Drive

You want to know how the car runs and handles, and the best way to do that is to drive it.