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Shell to stop selling 92-octane fuel

The Straits Times reported that Shell will stop selling the budget fuel due to low demand in Singapore. Shell has already reduce the number of its stations selling 92-octane fuel.

Would this mean an extinction of the budget fuel in Singapore?

The Customers Association of Singapore (CASE) has voiced its concern that this action taken by Shell would spark off a domino effect on the other petrol companies in this cartelistic market. ExxonMobil and Caltex have both stated that they would continue to sell the budget fuel.

At this period when fuel prices are low (as compared to the peak it reached last year), the decision by Shell would likely be of limited disruption to Singaporean drivers.

According to a study by international automotive engineering institute SAE, “using a higher octane fuel can improve fuel economy by up to 4.3 per cent.” That was a research based on European vehicles. For Singapore models, Shell’s fuel technology manager (Asia Pacific) predicts that “drivers can expect a 2 per cent improvement in economy if they switch from 92 to 95 – if the car owner’s manual recommends 95 in the first place.”

Reference: The Straits Times (15 May 2009)

Recession driving Singapore motorists to be more fuel efficient

Cheryl Lim
Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : Singapore drivers are taking more steps to make their cars more fuel efficient. According to a recent consumer survey by Shell, the economic crisis may be the reason for that.

Two years ago, one out of every four drivers was conscious of how fuel efficient his car was. Now, Singaporean drivers are three times more likely to be aware of fuel efficiency.

They pay an average of S$200 for about 130 litres of fuel each month, and they said saving money is what drives them to make their car more fuel efficient.

Industry experts said practising simple fuel efficiency tips can potentially save drivers an average of S$48 a month. These tips include servicing your car engine regularly, making sure your tyres are at the right pressure, and avoiding excess weight in your car.

Other tips include taking the roof rack off your car, checking the car’s air filters, using the correct type of fuel for your vehicle, checking the seal on your fuel cap, planning your trips, keeping calm and keeping hydrated for better focus and concentration.

“These fuel tips basically help them change their driving habits. And many of the consumers said they want to, but they don’t know how to,” said Henry Chu, general manager of Sales & Operations with Shell Eastern Petroleum.

The study also showed that more Singaporeans have taken such steps to make their cars more fuel efficient – from 59 per cent in 2007 to 77 per cent in 2009.

They are also more willing to change their driving habits to save more fuel – some 83 per cent of them said they would do so, higher than the global average of 78 per cent.

The survey polled motorists in six countries – Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Netherlands and Germany. – CNA /ls


Petrol prices down five cents, diesel 10 cents

Imelda Saad
Channel NewsAsia

Pump prices are down again – the second time in just over a week. The last time fuel prices were cut was on Oct 7.

Taking the lead are Shell, Singapore Petroleum Company Limited (SPC) and Caltex.

The three companies have cut petrol prices by five cents per litre for all fuel grades. The price of diesel is reduced by 10 cents per litre.

The latest revision follows a series of petrol price cuts since July 2008, after a drop in crude oil prices.


Motorist jailed and fined for tampering with fuel gauge

Channel NewsAsia

Another motorist has been jailed and fined for tampering his vehicle’s fuel gauge and giving false information to a customs officer.

24-year-old Muhammad Ali Putra Hairom is the third motorist to be convicted in the last three months for the same offences. He was caught at the Woodlands Checkpoint on Tuesday.

A check by the customs officer showed that Muhammad Ali Putra’s car fuel gauge had indicated a full tank when the actual amount of fuel was at the one-quarter mark.

He admitted to tampering with the fuel gauge reading with a remote control. He has been sentenced to two weeks’ jail and fined S$500.


Pump prices down 3 cents just days after a cut

Channel NewsAsia

After constant price hikes at fuel stations, motorists have cause to smile these days. Just days after adjusting their pump prices downwards, fuel stations are offering 3 cents a litre less for all grades of petrol as well as diesel.

SPC was the last to adjust its prices at noon on Thursday, a move it said was to reflect current conditions on world oil markets.

The 92-octane unleaded petrol now costs S$2.103 per litre, the 95-octane unleaded S$2.136 a litre and the 98-octane grade petrol is priced at S$2.21 a litre. The diesel price stands at S$1.963 per litre.

Since 2002, world oil prices have seen a sixfold rise, causing consumers to feel the pinch as fuel prices spiralled along with the cost of living.

Singapore’s consumer inflation in June was 7.5 percent higher compared with a year ago due mainly to higher costs in items like transport.

The rise reflects the precarious climb of oil prices over the past few months, with anticipated demand and speculators being blamed.

But just as concerns were being raised, oil prices began to reverse direction.

On Thursday, crude oil prices drifted down to US$124.28 a barrel – that’s more than US$22 below the all-time high hit just two weeks ago.

The lower prices came as a US government report showed a larger-than-expected increase in domestic US gasoline stocks.

Analysts also point to declining demand in the United States, the world’s biggest energy user.

Hurricane Dolly, which had caused oil prices to firm briefly early this week, also had little impact as it left in its wake only minor output cuts at some oil refineries and offshore oil and natural gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. – CNA/sf