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Ads on cars earn drivers extra cash

The Straits Times, Friday, June 27 2008
By Tessa Wong

“WALLOPED by rising fuel prices, Mr. Sankar Superamaniam has decided to fight back – by turning his car into a moving billboard.

The 26-year-old executive recently plastered his white Hyundai with ads for a local company that sells eco-friendly bags.

The deal nets him $100 a month, which has helped offset a fuel bill that has skyrocketed in the last half year.

He is among more than 220 drivers who have signed up with Renvertising, a local company launched in March that matches cost-conscious drivers with advertisers looking to avoid pricey billboards and newspaper ads.

Motorists need to sign contracts to carry the ads for three months a year. They must clock at least 500km a month to qualify for the $100 payout.

The ads are vinyl decals which¬† the company says do not damage paintwork.”

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