Car Rental Procedures

  1. Plan ahead. During peak seasons, there might be higher demand in rental of cars. As such, it would be wise to place a reservation so that you get the choice of car that you like.
  2. Prepare the required documents. These would include your personal identification card (NRIC/EP), driving license, probational plate (for 1st year drivers), cashcard and parking coupons.
  3. Vehicle Check. Once you have received the car, do a vehicle check with the service staff and ensure that all damages and/or scratches are noted down in the agreement form before signing and paying for it. Also, check the fuel guage. This is to prevent conflict when returning the car.
  4. Get the information you need. Find out what should happen if the car were to break down during the rental period. What is the number to call? What if you decide to extend the rental period?
  5. Drive off and enjoy. Remember to refill the fuel back to its original level and do not leave any belongings behind.

Why Rent a Car in Singapore

In considering why one should rent a car in Singapore, it is crucial to take a look at the existing transport alternatives available. These are mainly public transport (which includes buses, trains and taxis), car-pooling, car rental, owning a private car.

Why not take the bus and train? At peak hours, buses and trains can get too packed and uncomfortable. Also, it is the slowest transport alternative.

Why not take the taxi? At peak hours, taxis might not be readily available. Booking of taxis at such timings is also expensive.

Why not car-pool? Lack of flexibility.

Why not own a private car? Extremely expensive to own a car in Singapore with the COE, Road Tax, etc. Also you need to maintain your car by sending it for service and cleaning.

Hence, Renting a Car makes the best choice after all!